You’re not just
donating $65.

You’re giving a
blind person sight.

It’s amazing what a small
contribution can achieve.



Mobile Eye Clinics

JFF has mobile eye clinic programs based in Bali and Lombok. These sophisticated mobile units take the cataract surgery to the people in their villages. Experienced ophthalmic surgeons and nurses perform the surgery in a sterile environment, and the post-operative results achieved are excellent. The Bali-based clinics and teams visit other islands of Indonesia, often with the assistance of the Indonesian Air Force.


Hospital-based Programs and Outreach Clinics

In Lombok, in addition to providing free cataract operations in a mobile clinic, JFF also supports free cataract surgery government hospitals in East Lombok (RSU Dr R Soedjono in Selong) and West Lombok (RSU Patut Patuh Patju in Gerung) where the hospital teams perform the operations, with support from the Foundation in the provision of surgical consumables. On a similar basis, the Foundation supports two private outreach clinics in East Java to do free cataract surgery for the poor – Klinik Mata Utama in Gresik and Klinik Mata Tritya in Surabaya.


Children’s Cataract Surgery

The Foundation also operates children who are blind with cataracts. The operations are performed by ophthalmologist, Dr Wayan Gde Dharyata, under general anaesthetic in the Rumah Sakit Puri Raharja in Denpasar.

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