Water From The Moon


A biography of John Fawcett by Scott Bevan

John Fawcett’s story is of the triumph of determination in the face of impossible odds. As the Javanese say, like getting water from the moon. Near-death experiences are the catalyst to re-examine and revitalize a life, but rarely are the results of such an experience so spectacular as in the case of John Fawcett.

Successful ceramist, art school head and family man, he lived life at a frenetic pace until treatment for chronic back pain took him to the brink of death. He lost his wife, his career, his health and his vision for the future. Rebuilding his life took him to another country, a new family and a new vocation – bringing sight to the cataract blind of Bali.

Your purchase of this book will help a poor Indonesian to see again.


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