Bali Eye Clinics and Operations

Eye clinics and operating sessions continued at the JFF Headquarters in Sanur and in the villages, during which 57 blind people had their sight restored, 2075 people were checked for eye problems, 1392 received glasses and 835 were treated for eye infections.

Thank you to the following donors who have supported these sessions: Majella Gee, Bruce Jones, Jane Sullivan, Eyecare Network, Wanderer Bracelets, B1G1 Giving for Good, Phil House, Dale Elphinstone, Yun Zhang, Anita Summers, John Manners, Alan Drake, Nancy Bray, John Liaroutsos, Conner Rafter, Oliver Rafter, Tom Curtis, Anne Jaumees, Stephen & Heather Williams, Jacob Jones, Sophie Jones, Yasmine Jones, Campbell Jones, Keeley Jones, and Kate Manserra.



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March 23, 2022

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