During May and June our team conducted 13 village eye programs, 8 eye clinics and 7 operating sessions at Headquarters, resulting in 92 blind people being restored to sight.

Thank you to the following donors who supported these programs: Direct Aid Program of the Australian Consulate-General Bali, Captain James Cook Foundation, Haidar Al Maliki, Pieter Hoedemaker, David Hults, Jeremy Lawrene, Vickneswaran Kandiah, Hotel Nusa Dua Beach, Simon Lloyd, Hotel Impi Kuta Bali, UK Charitable Trusts, Nicolaas Stolk, Mitch Hall, Elizabeth Nathan, Kylie Harrison, Gavin Gough, Frank Moore, Chris & Melanie Bartlett, UWA Bali Studio.


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July 17, 2023

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