Bali Team Heads Off-Shore

So far this year the Foundation’s Bali- based team of screeners, nurses, ophthalmologists and technicians
has made five off-shore trips conducting mass eye screenings and operations in the mobile eye clinic.

Three separate trips have been made to Lombok, the island east of Bali, one to Banten in Java and a recent trip in partnership with the Indonesian Air Force coinciding with the 7th SAIL INDONESIA, entitled Sail Tomini, in the northern province of Sulawesi where nearly 2,643 people were screened for eye problems and 111 cataract operations performed.

The team spends 4-6 days away to conduct an intensive program for the people of a particular area. This activity is often supported by members of the Indonesian military who assist in gathering and organising the vast numbers of patients, and in transporting our mobile eye clinic and team to distant places.


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January 19, 2016

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