Offshore Programs 2

The JFF team made two offshore trips in this two-month period – one to the east and one to the west of Bali.

With funding from the Direct Aid Program of the Makassar Australian Consulate-General, the team conducted a screening and operating program in Bajawa on the island of Flores in May.

In June, they conducted a program in Bondowoso, East Java, with a Reliable Education group accompanying the JFF team, all individually donating to support the program.

In these two programs the team screened 4,736 people with eye problems, distributed glasses to 3,337 people to help with visual acuity, treated 940 for eye infections and restored sight to 332 cataract-blind people. JFF’s ocularist also made artificial eyes onsite for 18 people in Bondowoso.

Many thanks to the ophthalmologists from Bali and East Java who worked with the JFF team, and to the Departments of Health and local Governments in these areas for their enthusiastic cooperation and support.


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July 8, 2019

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