Offshore Programs – Banyuwangi, Bondowoso, Aceh, Probolinggo

November-December saw our team heading west on four offshore programs – three in East Java and one in Aceh. During these four programs 6,579 people were checked for eye problems, 3,702 were given glasses, 1,220 received eye drops and 442 received sight-restoring operations.

Banyuwangi was a return visit to operate 63 patients left behind from a screening and operating program earlier in the year, while Bondowoso was a program funded by Reliable Education, this group’s second funded program in 2017. We were very pleased to welcome two Reliable Education groups who joined the JFF team, helping with patients, and seeing firsthand the outcomes of their donation.

The Aceh program was in partnership with the Indonesian Air Force, which flew the JFF mobile eye clinic to Aceh specially for this far-off program.

Our final offshore program of the year was in Probolinggo. This program was funded by Dangerous Goods Engineering, Buy1Give1 and Robert Minear, all regular donors to JFF’s work.

We thank the donors for their wonderful support that makes these offshore programs a success.







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January 8, 2018

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