Situbondo – World Sight Day

The JFF team conducted a very successful four-day program in Situbondo, East Java in mid-October. This program was held in association with Vision 2020’s World Sight Day, and working with the team in JFF’s full fleet of four mobile clinics were 10 Indonesian ophthalmologists who restored sight to 357 blind people. The team also screened 2,879 people with eye problems, issued glasses to 1,466 with visual problems and treated 620 for infections. JFF’s ocularist made artificial eyes for 22 people, giving them a chance of a more normal life, free of social stigma.

Thank you to the consortium of donors who made this program possible: FeelGood Designs, Des Lim & Jing Gong, Anita Summers, British International School students, and to LPM MERAK (Lembaga Pemberdayaan Masyarakat  Merangkul Rakyat Kecil) for logistical assistance and support for the JFF team. We also thank the 10 Perdami ophthalmologists who worked with our team: Dr Wayan Gde Dharyata, Dr dr AA Mas, Dr MH Irsan, Dr Endro Pranoto, Dr Aries Shanti Handayanti, Dr Dini Darmawidiarini, Dr Deasy, Dr Gst Md Juliari, Dr Laksmi Utari and Dr Md Ari Suryathi.



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November 7, 2017

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