Technology Transfer & Visiting Volunteer Medical Specialists

Sight Restoration

Four senior ophthalmologists from Australia, representing The John Fawcett Foundation, made presentations at the International Ophthalmology Symposium (IOS) held in Bali in May 2015 – Assoc Prof John Crompton, Dr Jean-Louis deSousa, Prof Bill Morgan and Prof Ian McAllister.

Prof Crompton also conducted a five-day ophthalmic teaching program and attended a village Mobile Eye Clinic program to assess the surgical skills of some of the young ophthalmologists of PERDAMI-Bali.

Dr Jean-Louis deSousa also held a day clinic and conducted a surgical training session in oculoplasty at Indera Hospital Australian Bali Memorial Eye Centre.

In May ophthalmologist Dr Ian Anderson from Perth conducted a review of surgical outcomes at the Foundation headquarters with ophthalmologists from PERDAMI-Bali.

In June ophthalmologist Dr Bill Ward from Perth conducted small incision cataract surgery training with young ophthalmologists of PERDAMI-Bali, together with Dr Miranda, an ophthalmologist from Kupang,West Timor, in the Foundation’s Mobile Eye Clinic.


Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgeon Dr Tim Cooper from Perth conducted training surgical sessions with Dr Anom in Puri Raharja Hospital, Denpasar from 30th May to 3rd June. One of the patients operated was a young girl from the island of Sumba who will later travel to Perth for follow-up surgery and treatment.


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January 19, 2016

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