The World Sight Day program, held in the second week of October, was a huge event this year with the financial support and visit of 70 Reliable Education students, some of the 350+ people who also generously donated funds to enable the building and equipping of a new mobile eye clinic for JFF.

The new mobile eye clinic was formally launched by Reliable Education’s CEOs, Adam Hudson and Joe Olejnik.

The program was conducted in Situbondo, East Java, where our team screened 2,848 people with eye problems, distributed glasses to 1,725 and treated 580 for eye infections. Eight ophthalmologists (from East Java, Malang and Nusa Tenggara Barat) operated 425 cataract blind people, restoring their sight, and JFF’s ocularist made and fitted 24 artificial eyes.

This was JFF’s biggest program to date, using our full complement of mobile eye clinics, and extra medical personnel drawn from JFF’s former staff who joined the team for this special event.


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November 14, 2019

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