Technology transfer ensures the success
of our programs.

Your support can make
that success a reality.




JFF is very fortunate to have assistance from international volunteer medical specialists who give their time and expertise to come to Bali to assist and upskill our team and to advance medical technologies in selected surgical disciplines appropriate to our programs.

Our volunteers are encouraged to form an educational partnership with our Indonesian medical specialists, acting as mentors and guides, introducing new skills and technology at a level appropriate to the individual and the hospital facilities available. This association often develops into strong friendships which form a basis for an ongoing educational exchange.

We encourage medical specialists who can come to Bali for up to two weeks to become involved in this technology transfer which emphasises guidance and teaching rather than mass surgery. Volunteers come to Bali at their own expense. Every effort is made to make their stay a pleasant one and accompanying family members are welcome.

If you would like to find out more about our Medical Technology Transfer program, please send your enquiry, with details of your qualifications and experience, to:


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