Our team can screen
700 to 1000 people a day.
60% of these need
glasses and eye drops.

Without your support, someone may lose
their vision because they couldn’t
afford to seek treatment.


The Foundation’s field eye screening teams regularly conduct mass village eye screenings in Bali and other provinces. At these sessions, 700+ people can be screened for eye problems in a day. Those with minor eye infections are treated, visual acuity is tested and remedial glasses issued (usually 70%-80% of those tested). Patients who are blind with cataracts are referred to one of the mobile clinics for surgery.

The team also goes into primary schools in a bid to catch eye problems early and to prevent them becoming something that is both costly and tragic. In one day, up to 400 students can be checked by the team which issues spectacles to those students who require them, free of charge.

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