Being born with a cleft
is often seen as a curse.
But you can be the one
to reverse it.

A cleft can easily be corrected
with surgery. Your support
can make it a reality.



Few things are more distressing to a child than disfigurement. It can cause social dislocation and personal despair. The aim of this program is to alleviate the distress and suffering of children from poor families who suffer from easily repairable genetic deformities or conditions resulting from accidents such as burns which prevent them from having a normal life. The children often require a series of operations, well beyond the means of their families.

The operations are performed in local hospitals by Indonesian surgeons. Visiting volunteer consultants transfer their skills and knowledge to Indonesian medical personnel in special surgical training sessions. The Foundation also works in cooperation with the humanitarian programs of the Indonesian Armed Forces, supporting cleft operations and conducting surgical training sessions for their surgeons.

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