JFF Headquarters Clinics & Operations

Our Sight Restoration project continued at JFF Headquarters with small numbers by appointment. Staff are protected by PPE and follow strict hygiene protocols to keep them and the patients safe.

Checked: 347
Operated: 40
Glasses: 125
Eye Treatments: 72

Thank you to Buy1Give1, John DeMeur, J Chavarria Bezare, Graham Bartley-Smith, Susan Falkiner, Kent Egerton-Warburton, Maeve Hudson-Ansell, Iain MacGregor, Dangerous Goods, Richenda Goldfinch, Eagleton Family Trust, Catherine Leech, Margot Warden, Des Mills, Patrick Weir, Tim Lucy and Janelle Lewis whose donations supported these clinics and operations, and the Essilor Vision Foundation for donations of glasses for our programs.


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November 6, 2020

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