Village Screenings

We also resumed village screenings in Bali in October, referring cataract patients to the JFF Headquarters for their operations. In November and December our team conducted six village screenings, checking 661 people with eye problems. 35 of these were identified as cataract blind and referred to the operating program.

Headquarters Clinics and Operations

Eye clinics and operating sessions continued at the JFF Headquarters in Sanur, during which 47 blind people had their sight restored in the mobile eye clinic, 1,088 people were checked for eye problems, 620 received glasses and 552 were treated for eye infections.

Thank you to the following donors who have supported these sessions: Brian Pringle, Jan O’Shea, GA & DF Vankeule, Wanderer Bracelets, Anne Jaumees, David Moir, Caroline Kean, R & S Johnson, John Liaroutsos, David & Jo Hind, Rotary Club of Dalkeith, Marritime Staff Super Fund, Stephen & Heather Williams, Alexander Ring, Iain MacGregor, Des Lim & Jing Gong.


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January 10, 2022

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